Encoded poetics timeline

Encoded poetics is a two-bodied project with the same intention at the core, experiment with language visually and physically through gene-editing tools.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad one, the fact that even I know, there will be no control on the outcome,  I do have a very clear idea in my head of the plasticity that I’m looking for.



There have always been two lines under Biomaterials that fascinates me. One is the research that is primarily done for health, where the article of the heart vessels made out of spinach leaves hits right on the spot. I guess it talks directly with the notion that everything in nature is connected and we are closer in structure as with any other leaving been. And the second one is all the uses for architecture, like the bricks made out of fungi or the domes that are made using silk caterpillars. It gave me an idea of what if instead of this fantasy of cyborg superhumans, were metal, circuit and metals have been part of our imagination; the reality moved more to a holistic relationship. What if our hearts and houses were restored by caterpillars?


Midterm Ideas

-Post under construction-


At the moment I have two ideas:

1. A programming language for biology (inspired by Scratch), a gene editing tool simulator.

2. A voyager bacteria. Insert meaningful data on a bacteria. What if we don’t longer exist but want to be remembered, where to stored our history. Poetics on bacteria


Free guns!

– Nathier Fernandez, Amitabh Shrivastava, Nick Wallace-



This was a simple project with a slight political tone. The sign read “Free (water) Guns! – No Background Checks!!”. We got 25 squirt guns and lay them on the table with this sign. Seeing adults turn into kids was well worth the effort!

The project had just two parts- the sign and the squirt guns. Perhaps unsurprisingly both had issues! The sign kept falling down in the wind and the quirt guns ran out of the water. We had to make runs for duct tape and water bottles. So, it was a humbling experience in field trials and being prepared.

4 stars- Will try again.