*Build an enclosure for an electronics project using any tool(s) or technique(s) you like.  Make sure that you can get back inside to make repairs, change batteries, modify, etc.*



I took inspiration from a family member that is obsessed with synthesizers and electronic musical instruments. So, this is my own arduino ornament and crime module.

Materials and tools: Arduino, Breadboard, Muji pen case (3$), 9v Battery, 9v Battery holder, Speaker, Potentiometers, exacto blade and a Dremel.

First, I measured the pieces on top of the pen case.

Outline the position of each piece with a pencil (to erase easily later).

Made some strategic holes with the Dremel and continued the cut with the exacto blade.






One thought on “Enclosure

  1. Nice work, the enclosure is kind of perfect for an Arduino and a 9 volt. If you have a link for it, you should share it with the class.

    I’m wondering why you used a Dremel instead of a drill for the knob holes?

    How is the speaker attached to the top panel?

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