Nathier is a New York-based multidisciplinary designer, researcher and artist with a practice that stretches beyond different design areas such as visual, spatial, interactive and speculative. They hold a Masters of Professional Studies in Interactive Telecommunications Program from New York University, and a Bachelors of Arts in Design from Universidad de Los Andes, with a minor in Communication Design.

As a designer, their work translates in rich visual landscapes that materialize in spaces, experiences and installations with commissions throughout the spectrum of performing arts and entertainment industries in the USA and Latin America.

As an artist, they explore possible futures, realities and practices around human and non human interactions throughout a research-based practice that often implements biological and digital systems alike.



Poetry, science, art, culture and technology are constant mediators, translators, and incubators that engage with the unexpected, push boundaries, and cross disciplines. Today, intersections between biological, digital, and physical systems have the possibility of being explored through different realms of creation and as new media emerges, alternative relationships are possible through the enhancement technology provides.

Speculating on possible futures, realities, and practices in ways that are in constant conversation with what is considered human and non-human. Then, to fall into the vertigo of trillion cells that blur the line of the self, reinterpreting life set of instruction to to create new fictions, to see DNA not only as data, but a vessel where information can be stored, multiplied and harvested, or use machines as extensions of human sensory systems should be expected.

Errors and mutations become a leitmotif of the artwork, as someone now embracing their own language disorder, dyslexia, errors are encouraged, expected, welcomed both aesthetically and metaphorically. The artwork materializes as installations, art objects or algorithmic storytelling and my ongoing experimentations keeps an open door to the way my practice manifest as well keeping an eye out for those poetic voids that can only be translated by machines and transcribed by humans. 

D1f mt-MRCA POEM [Genetically generated text] | Structure: [self] mt-MRCA [matrilineal most recent common ancestor] DNA sample | Generator: Machine | Transcription : Human | This poem was created following my own Mitrocondrial DNA sample. A tracing of kingship through the female line, the D1f  Haplogroup, is one of five main haplogroups found in the indigenous peoples of the Americas – Korébajü, Children of the Earth. – A custom algorithm that follows biological protocols and creates a linguistic interpretation of the genetic information – Artist statement served as the text corpus of the algorithm.