Voraciously Synthetic

VORACIOUSLY SYNTHETIC | ML Text exploration and poetry performance | In collaboration with Dr Leslie Mitchell


This collection of texts were created by implementing linguistic rules based on the central dogma of microbiology. This dogma creates ‘gene expressions’, where information inside a gene is read to build proteins; biomolecules that are required for the structure, function, and regulation within organisms.|Parts of speech [English grammar] are mapped by a trained NLP model, that follows the biological protocol and reads the gene expressions. A linguistic interpretation of the ‘instructions’ inside the gene is built instead | The output is then translated to DNA code, synthesized in a lab, and embedded inside the organism that provided the first DNA input; creating, at last, a living text-based ‘virus’.

Promoters incite mutations in the organism [Yeast] that provokes different shades of blue | Texts from Homer and Goethe about colour and blue especially were used as the original text corpus. | The original texts were cut up and rearranged following each promoter gene structure using Python 3.

|Poetry Performance at Tisch School of the Arts|

Special thanks to Nicolas Peña-Escarpentier | The performance was part of Alisson’s Parrish class Reading and Writing Electronic Texts at ITP