Voraciously Synthetic

VORACIOUSLY SYNTHETIC | Text exploration and poetry performance | In collaboration with Dr Leslie Mitchell

This collection of texts were created by implementing linguistic rules based on the central dogma of microbiology. This dogma creates ‘gene expressions’ in which information from a gene is read to build a protein. By mapping these set of rules to parts of speech [in English grammar], into a gene of a preselected organism [Yeast], it builds a text [fictional] output, which is then translated to DNA code in order to be embedded inside the organism that provided the first DNA input.

Promoters incite mutations in the organism, in this case, it provokes different shades of blue | Texts from Homer, Goethe and ‘moments’ of blue in art history were used as the original text corpus. | The original texts were cut up and rearranged following each promoter gene structure using Python 3.


|Text exploration – Poetry|

|Poetry Performance at Tisch School of the Arts|

Special thanks to Nicolas Peña-Escarpentier | The performance was part of Alisson’s Parrish class Reading and Writing Electronic Texts at ITP