A Tempo

A tempo: Sculpture in four movements | Kika Vargas runway show at BCapital, an annual fashion event that takes place in the city of Bogotá | Stage designer

 A Tempo gives an unconventional approach to a runway show through theatrical techniques. Live musicians, actors, dancers and an opera singer join the models on a carefully choreographed performance.

A Tempo took a playful approach to seasons since a tropical country has no seasons. Still, the fashion calendar is ruled by them. Each movement brings a new wave of movement that enlivens the scenario. The stage is inspired by nature: a geological abstraction that dialogued closely with the inspiration of the collection.

A tempo: Sculpture in four movements | BCapital 2016 Kika Vargas – Inexmoda | Creative direction: Laura Villegas | Stage Design and Creative assistance: Nathier Fernández | Sound intervention: Camilo Sanabria | Choreographer: Jimmy Rangel | Production: 3cero2 |Photos: Inexmoda