I don’t know if this happens to other people but when I’m feeling down, my stomach as many other parts of my body aches. If I’m very stressed out I will have migraines, my skin will burst out and once again my stomach will ache badly. Funny enough my first thought is always “Oh, I need some greens and fruit” even if I know the pain comes from an emotional event. My main thought is always that my mood is somehow reflected on my stomach and usually after some changes in my diet (until time and cravings destroy it), I always feel better almost immediately. Some time ago I read that scientist were figuring our mood changes and the part that gut microbiota had on it. They were talking about faecal transplants to treat depression!! Depression!

Recently we were talking about how we live in a germophobic country, where antibiotics are being used without measure and now we have super bacterias living in sterile environments. With our guts on a fragile state as result of this abusive behaviour. It makes sense that faecal transplants are becoming more important and effective treatment to several diseases and syndromes.

Deep down there is some intuitive knowledge of taking care or nourish my flora, I know it exists but I don’t grasp completely yet its magnitude. Its this vast ecosystem living within me, even in my eyes, hair, lungs and uterus they. I’m not alone that is for sure; an entire living cosmos goes wherever I go. My family, friends and pets share it with me, Its just mindblowing. One thing on the readings that stuck with me was the notion that babies that are born by c-section are more likely to have their immune system failure, they need their mother’s Intestinal and vaginal microbes to protect them and be able to create their own healthy ecosystem. One thing is clear; the body is very much aware of this mutualistic relationship, we need to start paying more attention to what we don’t see.


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