Future NASA rovers – fiction stories

I started with the Dada poem example and work with an article that talks about the difference between astrological and mathematical black holes from Quantum magazine. I found the theme had a lot of poetry by itself.

“There are astrophysical black holes, and then there are mathematical ones. Astrophysical black holes sit in galactic centers, emit jets of hot plasma, and on occasion swallows stars. You have heard of those. Mathematical black holes, on the other hand, serve as the focus of physicists’ thought experiments. They are not formed from collapsing stars, they have existed forever, and they sit in an empty universe. They may be infinitely large, have perfect mirrors around them, or extend into six dimensions of space. You have heard of those too, but maybe you didn’t notice

First Dada Poem: Blackholes.

Then the Opportunity Mars rover was finished its mission and I found the last message from it so beautiful that I wanted to imagine future explorers and their whereabouts.

So I created another Dada poem with the thank you tweet from the Curiority Rover. Which became the following poem:

Then, I used the A house of dust poem to create the future whereabouts of the next exploration NASA rovers. I’m really happy with the outcome, more than poems they are small science fiction stories.

This is one of my favorites:

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