*Create an interactive artwork that implements the concept of repetition with variation.*

– Setareh and Nathier-

This piece is a collaboration with Setareh, our main idea was to combine our graphic design (or little obsessions) and programming skills. Setareh was into tropical vibes while I was more interested in playing with C,M,Y,K colours and simple forms.



We started with the C,M,Y,K part of the code, because including variation in colour through movement was the main structure of our piece.

Although our initial idea was to show one graphics part and then run the sketch to show the other. We struggled a bit in the mixing of the images, the for and callings on setup were a little too much for our functionsdrawimage or functiondrawcolor to work the way we wanted



At the end, we embraced the idea of our two worlds mixed in a single image. This is our piece.


Ps: We got our inspiration from Bees & Booms, a tumbler full of beautiful processing GIFs.




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