Tarot Deck [final]


This tarot deck  plays with the idea of always having a reversed card on the readings. It gives you just one card, this card will have to images from the Major Arcana that together are your fortune. It uses pieces from the epic poem [Dreamer] written by Prius St. Jhon.


This project is made out of vintage and medieval images and put together through digital collage. It uses anatomical drawings, botanical illustrations, fairytales, religious iconography, etc. With the idea of a constant reversed card, this tarot takes inspiration from the visual mirror on the classic french playing cards










French playing card mirror


Vintage playing cards

Claude Paradin Illustrations


Santiago Ramón y Cajal drawings


Andreas Vesalius anatomical drawings


Galileo Galilei drawings among others





My original idea was to print both the image and the poem/reading. I got a Thermal printer for this, I wanted the user to have physically their reading and take them with them also the receipt paper will fade eventually, making my physical tarot card ephemeral at the end. Even though it seems a simple idea it was far for simple (I made one of the residents glitched)… Little by little I’ll get there, maybe use it for the ‘Cloudmancy‘ project as well



Thank you, Allison, for a wonderful class.

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