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“A Charis is one of three or more minor goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity, and fertility, together known as the Charites in Greek mythology.”

Somehow I have this science fiction tale trying to form in words and images in the back of my head, it is a blur, fast and flickering. There are some objects that  I recognize, there are bees as pets,  Petri dishes full of colourful bacteria and small animals embellished with architectural wonders. Then these images get a little vivid and the tale its a memory of things I know exist and I’ve seen in real life or through the screen. There are people who are into apiculture and create beautiful sculptures or trained them to live in glass hives for new medical diagnosis, there are scientists that use algae as a medium that puts them closer to the craft photography, and then there are artists/designers that use insects as fundamental part of their process. So, here I am, with flickering ideas lighting on an off, still dizzy at the possibilities this class provides and full of questions: What do I want to do? At the moment the best thing to do is try my best to make them visible.



( urban beehives/measured colony/ bee health tracker/ pollinators/sculpture/symbiosis/oracles)


What would happen if all the bees in the world died? Our food system will probably collapse and wild habitats as well… What if there is no more space for them?…How can we help?

We know bee population is declining painfully fast and an even with the interest of the public in faster, easy sometimes DYI harvesting of honey, we are creating more harm than space to them. How could humans and bees share immediate space in the cities? / This idea plays with the idea of beehives and colonies around architecture, design, urban planning and mostly around education. Teach people about the impact bees have on our lives through practice, tangible experience, empathic design and ethical practice.




(algae as material/controlled chaos/mixed media/bacterial culture/ink/biomaterial)


Microbial cellulose as canvas, bacteria as tools and medium to explore any art form, a living canvas continuously changing, evolving and degrading. An ephemeral hybrid practice.



(artefact/mimicry/ biological fabrication/biology as a medium/cocoon)

Nature finds a way to take back and appropriate structures and artefacts. The outcome of that encounter and the hybrid/ material is the main idea behind this charis/idea. What if the craft was from the inset and not from the human? If they were jewellers or the artisans of the world?



Apidae concept mapping in class




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