Transcribe exercise

-Transcribe and/or digitize a text that has never existed in digital form before-


In this book you’ll find drawings of the magic folk I would encounter when I was young. I used to see them quite often, but only when I was alone, usually while walking or riding my bike. They’d sometimes appear to me on a dirt road near my house on in the woods, and once I saw one while wading up a mountain greek. They’d come from out behind a rock or a tree and linger for a moment staring at me, curious if they’d caught my attention or if they could still slip away unnoticed. Usually, before they’d vanish, they lock eyes with me and say a few words. At times it’d be in mumbles and other it’d be a strong important statement that they’d practically scream. In these moments I would be knocked off my feet and it was terrifying, But I was never too frightened. What they’d said always felt a bit comforting. Maybe it was because they were all women or girls my age and it always felt like they were giving me a piece of advice. They would pass me a saying or a little critique just before slipping away, as if I’d interrupted their travels and they were simply passing through my consciousness. Sometimes it would feel like they were ghosts of my ancestors trying to lead me on the right path in life, and other times they were just simply spooky women telling what to do. What DID terrify me was knowing how I couldn’t quite grasp a full vision of them in the moment and how later I could always recall vividly, in exact detail, what they looked like. After years of having their images stewing in my mind I can still scribble their likeness and it feels like a delayed haunting. This book was originally for my own documentation but I dont think im the only one whos seen these visions. Maybe some of them have presented themselves to others and in that I find solace. Hopefully this will serve as inspiration to those who wish to document their own, strange encounters, whateve they might be.


A pocket book of witch folk and demons

“Follow yer heart, it won’t lead ya nowhere bad.”

“Trust in yourself, no matter what.”

“Remember to take care of all things, big or small”

“Never leave home without a trusted weapon. Its not always a sword”

“Remember where your adventure started”

“Break things often”

“Don’t brake things just to try an’ figure out who you are”

“Question everything, even the stars”

“Say it to their faces”

“Don’t give them any room to interpret”

“Eat yer vegetables, ma’dear”

“Don’t do anything to much”

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