Magnolia laser cut

*Create something using the laser cutter*

As an illustrator, I wanted to test the laser cutting machine and explore a little bit the possibilities of this worlds conveying. Magnolia is an illustration that was inspired by a real moment back home (Bogotá).

First, you need to transform it into a vector illustration on Adobe and separate it into several layers, especially if you want to use different materials or colour. In this case, I choose two colours of the same material (paper).

Some changes were made on the vector design, I wasn’t sure if my bumblebee was going to work because of all the details it had, so I separate it from the flower and send it in a different file.

After the laser, some modifications were necessary because some lines were too close to each other. Because the bumblebee didn’t come out as wanted, choosing only the flower seemed like the right idea.


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