Project proposal

This project is about creating sensors that humans don’t have, this particular idea goes around physical response that humans have but I’m afraid we are not very conscious on how to read this signs or be more aware of them. The body surely does, but these signs are not easy to immediately perceive or track without help. The body surely responds to changes and it’s aware of them, it gets sick or gets healthier but is mostly a silent process.

Thinking about what I wanted, the heart kept coming, to trace your hearth or those of your loved ones, or keep track or your mood. Are you happy? Are you melancholic? For some reason this new place I’m now part of (ITP) is always busy, always moving, full of energy and alive. As alive as it is, it transforms our lives around it, we have new habits, new clocks, new food and I have to ask. How does this reflect on our health?. Is it good, bad, are we drinking too much caffeine, not enough water and vegetables, is the stress normal or is it doing harm? What that represents for our lifestyle and self-care? If signs were visible of such changes would be a good thing? Would we take action upon possible harmful and invisible habits? What I want, its to explore the idea of a sensor (or multiples) that makes health changes visible, from tracking down our heartbeats to follows sugar and alcohol intake, see if you are hydrated or stress and transform this data into visual information that is not scary an easy to act on.

This is all speculative although I do want to explore and see how far can I take this idea to more real outcomes.




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