Algae / living canvas


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After thinking through all my ideas, I felt more strongly about the concept of a living canvas continuously changing. With living organism like plants, fungi or bacteria as the medium of exploration, especially bacteria, if not a medium as a subject.


Ill been slowly becoming more interested microbiota after starting to be personally aware of my own. Whenever I was sick and antibiotics were prescribed my stomach would be a mess, or if following normal regimes of hygiene to avoid microbes and bacteria I ended up wiping good bacteria, useful bacteria. Harming the microbiota is extremely easy. We don’t see it, we don’t know much about it and the truth is that we are unaware of these vast living ecosystems that live with an within us. We have been so obsessed with sterile environments to avoid diseases (needed, yes) that we ended up with weaker immune systems and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It is becoming a real public health problem.

I was once Kindly reminded that “ there is no love without shared microbiota” and its true. Our loved ones, family members, friends and even pets share this vast microbial constellation with us.






“There is no love without shared microbiota”




(algae as material/controlled chaos/mixed media/bacterial culture/ink/biomaterial)


Maybe if we knew more about it, were aware of its existence. It outnumbers the human cells, the human has around 10 trillion cells, its microbiota is around 100 trillion! It works as a sensor of our well being and surrounding ecosystem. If you ever felt alone, just don’t.

How can we make the invisible visible? How can we make our approach to microbes and bacteria more amicable and meaningful? How to spark a healthy discussion? I think art could help to take away the “ick” around it, it will educate and help us change

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