Recently I came across a New York Times article that discussed the use of anaesthetics in different kinds of plants, researchers weren’t sure how the plants were losing consciousness or more likely regaining it after exposure to them. They weren’t sure about what was exactly happening inside the plant but they witnessed the effect on them.They use this word carefully, it’s a powerful word. We know plants are aware of their surroundings, they communicate with other plants, take care or fight against each other, why wouldn’t they be aware of their own existence and if they do, What would that represent to us? it will definitely start a conversation about ethics and uses of plants. In the past, we thought animal didn’t have emotions only instincts and for some women unlike men didn’t have souls (Yep, that happened) but, what if?
What would we eat? Our relationship with food will change for sure.

The idea of plants being very aware of their surroundings it’s even more powerful knowing that we know the fungi realm works like an interconnected network through their roots, it creates a community web of aid and nourishes. Imagine walking through a forest of trees that have lived for thousands of years, sending information to its peers all that long. Humboldt believed that everything is connected, therefore any changes affect everything, no matter how small; who could imagine the connection was that impressive. There is a responsibility with this knowledge, we must start preparing ourselves for uncomfortable conversations and especially actions.




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