When I was little my family often travel to my grandmother’s farm, the weather was always warm and humidity was hight. back then I was easily amazed as often as I was bored (this still happens as an adult) but more often I found myself playing with a field full of Mimosa pudica or dormila (Spanish) I was absolutely convinced the plant could feel, that she was shy and somehow me bothering it was ok. Once I even tried to see how long it took to the plant to wake up again, but the ants climb on through my legs and that was the end of it.

The New York Times article about the use of anaesthetics on plants had an effect on me, put it next to the article about the discovery on networks made out of fungi, that connects, communicates and nourishes trees on forests and your world freeze. This fungi realm seem like a neurological system of its own, the forest its this big brain working at full speed. What know? What if they are concise and the dormilona of my childhood was very pissed with me and send word to other dormilonas about me through her roots, what if I somehow created discomfort or pain?

Whats remarkable about the present moment is that we got to this point and in particular this phenomenon thanks to the technology we have at hand. The neurons drawing we saw on our first day were possible because of the technology available at that time. These resources have moulded our understanding around living organisms and just imagine what we’ll find out tomorrow or the day after. One thing is sure, we are going to have difficult conversations in the future if plants indeed have conscience and forest are brains. In the meantime, I’m gonna get my hands on some Mimosa pudica seeds.


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