Sculptural artefacts

[5’ GGT 3’]| Research project that constitutes a series of experimental artefacts that speculate the act of renaming genetics as literature by implementing linguistic rules and computational arts to living organisms. This set of in-vitro inspired fictions focus on the ‘otherness’ of the microbiome that constitutes us; becoming a subversive seed for new [biotech] futures. | [5’ Sculptural artefacts 3’] are physical [visual] sculptures that embody the idea of making visible what is invisible. Cell division, cell transformations and decay as an exploration of living [linguistic] speculations | Acrylic, Thermal paper, Python 3.

Codons – DNA chemical structure | Double helix poem based on William S. Burroughs* quote “the word is now a virus”

“The word is now a virus. The flu virus may have once been a healthy lung cell. It is now a parasitic organism that invades and damages the central nervous system. Modern man has lost the option of silence (..) serving no internal function other than to replicate itself” | William. S. Burroughs

|Aichi virus [RNA] complete genome coiled|

“Artifacts may emerge from experiments in science, the “artefact” is an outlying bit of data-an erroneous often a human-induced thing that can be ignored, like the distortion caused by the curvature of a lens. Conversely, for the artist or designer, the artefact is the focus of our intention: We are actively making things”.  Synthetic Aesthetics. Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Jane Calvert, Pablo Schyfter, Alistair Elfick and Drew Endy. The MIT Press.

|Aichi virus love poem|

|Host: Escherichia coli|

| Colony growth with DNA transformation |

| Cell division |

RNA distorted the light | Poem


Genetically Generated Texts [5’ GGT 3’] has three well-defined threads: The first follows biological dogmas to create proteins and creates a similar language-based structure using python 3. The second creates experimental artefacts [visual sculptures] that speculate the effects of linguistic rules on living organisms and explore the possible aesthetics behind such a symbiotic relationship. The third takes place in the laboratory; where the original text-based fiction goes through experimental rounds, where it is encoded synthetically, embedded in-vitro and sequenced again to confirm the text.