Switch House

*Come up with a simple application for switches and LED circuits*


I wanted to create a simple mechanism for this assignment, I came with the idea of building a little house where the light would turn on or off it the door was opened or closed.  Prototyping fi the house was important, that way I could have an idea of space and volume, especially regarding the dimension needed for the mechanism. Paper was very helpful in order to prototype fast and fix mistakes before using cardboard.

Once the house was made I continued with my switch. I got a cell battery (3v),  a cell battery holder, a white LED, some copper tape, and wire. First, I made the connection with some electric tape in order to see that everything was well connected and measured to fit inside the house.

The idea was that between the LED and the cell battery, one of the wires would be cut, leaving it with two ends in a near position from the cooper door. If the door was open (away from the ends) no flow of energy was possible, the circuit was open but if the door was closed (in contact with the ends) the cooper allowed the energy to flow and the led to emit light.

Then, I soldered the parts together and glue them using a hot glue gun. With everything in place, the bottom of the house was closed. Here is the switch house video



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