Wood toy car

*Make multiples of something, 5 or more.  The objects must be a multi-process piece*


The idea was to replicate five objects following tasks that would make possible to generate with same steps either five or a hundred. I gather some materials for the project:  1/2 inch square piece of wood, a dowel, dowel pins and some cardboard.


First, I drew the template on the original material just the get an idea of the scale, Then I made a template out cardboard.

Then I moved to the miter saw to cut my pieces. I cut more than five in case of damaging one piece.

Put the template on each piece, draw the angles and marked the centre of each wheel so I could drill the holes in the body of the car.

The angles were cut with the band saw, the dowel was cut with the same tool. Then I sand all the pieces with the belt sander.

I knew I didn’t want to paint the cars but I did want the wheels to be black, so I used spray paint in black with a matte finish. It was the easier way to paint them all and it dried faster as well.

Following the idea of optimizing repetition, I made a window stamp out of linoleum and test it on cardboard and pieces of wood before applying it to the final five.

The idea was to use dowel pins to connect the wheels to the cars, drilling single cut pieces of dowel turned in an impossible task because even with a template getting to the centre of each piece was tricky. Know that I think about it, drilling the dowel first and then cutting it into pieces would have worked better, but I didn’t want holes from side to side.

So, I ended up using wood glue and rubber bands as clamps to attach the wheels to the body and let them like that until the following day.





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